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About Us

ABC CARGO is a transport company that operates globally in the areas of transportation, logistics and distribution, accompanying its cargo from the origin to the destination.

We are a company that was born with the ambition and desire to grow nationally and internationally. We believe that in order to achieve our goals it’s essential to provide a tailored service in order to meet each client’s needs.

At ABC CARGO, we believe that communication is of utmost importance. We believe that being able to respond in a timely manner is the best way to achieve goals.

For us, customers, agents and suppliers are all part of the same chain, which should have all its links interconnected so that everyone can benefit from the service provided.

We have been gaining trust from our distinguished customers through the quality of our service. To achieve this we rely on a team of experienced and committed professionals who develop logistics solutions not only for international transport but also for national distribution of goods, adapting them to most diverse needs. Each client has specific needs and through professionalism, friendliness and know-how we maximize the performance of our organizational structure.